Must-Have Content For Magician’s Profile

Whenever new clients hire a magician, they would want to see magician’s profile. In general, a professional magician’s profile should contain the following information, not necessarily in the same order as given below.

  1. Name: Your screen name (Performing name)
  2. Profession: Write specifically if you are comedy magician, street magician, corporate magician, mentalist, illusionist, motivational speaker etc
  3. Skills: Write if you perform close up magic or stand-up magic or stage magic. If you perform all kinds of magic write that as well.
  4. Experience: Your professional experience in magic. Don’t count those years when you were learning magic.
  5. Languages Known: Mention all local and international languages you speak
  6. Events: Write for what kinds of events your show is suitable. Corporate gatherings, social gatherings, trade shows, weddings, birthday parties etc
  7. Bio: Write the summary about your magic show explaining how it is better and different than your peers. Do write about entertainment and interaction your magic show provides.
  8. Career Highlights: Mention about awards and accolades you received in the field of magic.
  9. Clients: Write the list of prominent clients you served over the years
  10. Photos: Include high-quality photos of your magic shows. Do not forget to include the photos of any press releases and media coverage.
  11. Contact details: Email, Contact number, Website etc.

-Amit Kalantri (Magician and Mentalist)

Magic tricks to impress girls

magic girls

  1. Matchstick to Rose
  2. Red Hot Mama (Queen of Heart)
  3. Perfume Magic
  4. Salt in the palm
  5. Paper Moon to Star (Starcle)
  6. Any mind reading effect
  7. Card transportation
  8. Finger ring magic
  9. Mobile Number Revelation
  10. Flashpaper to love dove chocolate

-Amit Kalantri, Magician and Mentalist

Best Visual Mentalism Tricks

In general mentalism show tend to be theoretical with limited visual appeal. If your patter and presentation is not engaging your show may lose entertainment value. Following is the list of few eye catching visual mentalism effects that can add different flavour to your show. You should use at least one visual mentalism effect in your show.

  1. Metal Bending (Spoon bending, Fork bending, Steel Rod bending)
  2. Glass Breaking (Bulb breaking, Jar breaking, Coke bottle breaking)
  3. Drawing Duplication
  4. Spike Routine
  5. Color Matching
  6. Prediction on skin using ashes
  7. Seven Keys and Lock effect
  8. Photo Animation Effect

-Amit Kalantri (Magician and Mentalist)

Best stage tricks with playing cards

Following card tricks can be performed for small as well as large audience. I personally have performed following card tricks in stage setting and I can guarantee, all of them do very well as a stage effect.

  1. 6 cards repeat
  2. Las Vegas leaper (Cards across)
  3. Card stab
  4. Invisible Deck
  5. Tossed out deck
  6. Cards to pocket
  7. Card on forehead
  8. Card in Lemon
  9. Hofzinser’s Triple Prediction
  10. Card Transposition

-Amit Kalantri (Magician and Mentalist)

Must have utility magic props

Utility prop in magic is an item which can be used to perform variety of magic tricks majorly different from each other.

  1. Thumb Tip
  2. Forcing Bag
  3. PK Ring
  4. Invisible thread Reel
  5. Himber Wallet
  6. Flash Paper
  7. Spirit Slates
  8. Impression Pad
  9. Marked playing cards
  10. Loaded Dice

-Amit Kalantri (Magician and Mentalist)

11 types of magicians (magic entertainers)

  1. Cardician : Performs only magic tricks which uses playing cards.
  2. Magician (Illusionist) : Performs all kinds of magic tricks which look like the skill of a hand and uses variety of magic props
  3. Mentalist : Performs wide range of tricks which look like the skill of a mind
  4. Escapologist : specializes in freeing himself from the confinement of things such as ropes, handcuffs, and chains.
  5. Clairvoyant : One with ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through extrasensory perception
  6. Psychic Entertainer : One who is a clairvoyant but goes beyond to entertain by speaking to the souls and energies from other world.
  7. Mind reader : An entertainer who can supposedly find out what another person is thinking.
  8. Hypnotist : One who artificially induces trance state on people resembling sleep, heightened susceptibility to suggestion and control them within limits for entertainment.
  9. Bizzarist : One who is a magician but uses storytelling and word play to a much greater degree, and less emphasis is placed on the manual dexterity of the performer or the complexity of his equipment.
  10. Mnemonist : One with the ability to remember and recall unusually long lists of data, such as unfamiliar names, lists of numbers, entries in books
  11. Mathmagician : One who uses mathematics in order to perform otherwise seemingly impossible feats.

– Amit Kalantri (Magician and Mentalist)