Why to hire a magician for wedding event?

1. Magician keeps your guests occupied so you don’t have to

A wedding magician can capture attention of your guests of all ages, because everyone loves entertainment. Sometimes guests are often left on their own and this could be the dullest part of the day for them. Having a wedding magician gives your guests the best wedding experience they deserve.

2. A magician gets the fun started!

No wedding host like their guests being uncomfortable during the slow period before the main wedding function starts. A wedding magician can certainly act in your favor by getting the fun started. A wedding magician will make the awkward silence and shyness disappear by setting a joyful tone and increasing the fun factor, and your wedding event will be much more fun!

3. Magic goes well with other wedding entertainments

Most of the magicians are naturally co-operative, collaborative and good communicators, so they can easily work along with your anchor, band, DJ and any other wedding entertainment to create a balance and make your wedding event much more joyful, unique and memorable.

4. A wedding magician makes things memorable

Out of the many weddings that people attend over the courses of their lives, most of the weddings are similar and they forget the experience. A stunning and touching magic of a wedding magician will register your magical wedding in their memories and they will speak about it with energy and enthusiasm for decades to come.

5. Having a magician at a wedding is truly unique

Most people have never seen a professional magician live and up close. The first experience with magic makes a lasting impression on them. A wedding offers the best opportunity to allow them to experience something they will remember forever. And whenever they remember the magic, they also remember your wedding event.

6. Magicians are great value for money

A wedding magician is one man show and can be comfortably accommodated in the wedding budget. You don’t have to spend anything extra on logistics since close up, walkaround wedding magician requires nothing not even a mike. You just get the magician to the venue and he will take care of the rest offering an excellent return on investment!

7. Magicians can design personalized magic

A unique thing about wedding magicians is that the content of their magic are full of variety. A good wedding magician will be flexible with his acts and customize his presentations to blend in facts about groom and bride, your theme, ensuring that it is the right fit into your magical wedding.

Be a process oriented magician not goal oriented magician

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We have been taught and trained to set a goal for ourselves in order to be a successful in any profession. I won’t comment about other areas, but being a professional magician I can responsibly say that a magician should be process oriented and not goal oriented. Imagine at the current state of your preparedness you set a goal and start working towards it. In reality, you have limited the possibilities for yourself by setting a goal.

You can set a goal only on the basis of your present knowledge, skills, perception. You have not experienced all the scenarios in the business of magic. Even if you are a skilled magician you may have set ambitious goals like to be the most famous magician in the world. When you reach to it, you may realize that you could have been the most famous artist in the world leaving behind actors, singers, musicians etc had you taken some steps in the past.  But you missed those steps in the process, you kept your eyes only on the goal and now you are sad in spite of achieving your set goal.

Let’s say you want to grow oranges, orange is your goal. But is the orange going to appear by always thinking of oranges, no it won’t. To grow oranges you will need orange seed, soil, sunlight, manure, water etc. None of these raw things taste like orange but eventually they give you orange, this is also a magic. You take care of the process to grow orange and oranges will come.

Similarly, imagine you want be a professional magician, so your priority should be the process of being a skilled magician. You learn right sleights rightly, you research rightly, write right script, buy right props, you practice right, do right marketing. When the opportunity arrives you will give the best performance like a seasoned professional magician. You need absolutely devoted to the process and need not think about the goal.

Your ability to enhance your magic business is possible if you are undeniably committed to the process. Watch the people we call successful, look at their faces and you will be surprised to know that hardly anybody of them is joyful. They probably achieved the goal they set it for them, but now they realized it was a meager and insignificant goal so they disappointed. Those who couldn’t achieve even the small goals are frustrated because they avoided the process. What is the point of being a man of this kind.

When I just started into professional magic, I set the target of doing 50 shows in a year. To get my first ten shows it took little time. It seemed to me I will not be able to fetch 50 shows in that year. Then I realized, I was not making significant impact on the audience and also that I was not marketing myself enough. I changed some of my magic effects, I updated my scripts, I learned the sleights I was afraid to do  and I added more acting and drama to my performance etc. During this process change I had forgot about the target of 50 shows in that year. After I enhanced my process, my leads enhanced and I got more and more shows. At the end of year I had performed more than 100 shows in that year.

Initially as per my understanding I was good enough for 50 shows, but when I dedicated myself to the process of learning magic, I surpassed my own expectations. So don’t worry about result, target, goal. Just take care of the process and just like magic everything will fall into place.

– Amit Kalantri (Magician & Mentalist)