The Most Suitable Entertainer For Your Event

Amit Kalantri, Magician and Mentalist


Features Of the Show:

  • New, creative, modern magic and mentalism effects
  • No old and cliche magic will be performed
  • Suitable for corporate events as well as social events
  • Show is available in walkaround, stand up show, stage show formats
  • With Storytelling, Intelligent Humour and Sophisticated Showmanship
  • Caters to gathering from small groups to up to 300 people.
  • Comprehensive audience involvement during performance
  • Customised magic tricks available on request

How I got into magic?
“The Prestige” a movie directed by Christopher Nolan inspired me to follow the art of magic. The movie showed me, magic is not just for the entertainment but to inspire people to be creative enough with their own lives.

What is special about my show?
My show consists of modern magic and mentalism routines. I do not perform old, traditional and common tricks which most of us got bored of. My show has original, engaging and entertaining routines. Additionally, my show has the combination of magic, mind reading and mentalism effects.

Where is my show suitable?
Where ever you need an entertainment, my show will serve the purpose. I provide a variety of magic show formats like Stand up shows, Stage shows, Table to table magic, Street magic etc. From small groups to gatherings of up to 300 people can enjoy my show.

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