Automatic Card Magic Vol 1: Rs.990
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This video tutorial contains a superb collection of fully impromptu self-working card magic tricks that can be done with any borrowed, any shuffled deck.

Every single card routine revealed can be done, with no sleight of hand, no knuckle-breaking moves, and no initial setup. Someone hands you a deck, but you tell them to shuffle it in any way they wish and you’ll be ready to blow their minds with ten ultimate self-working card miracles.

These are not basic or easy-to-catch card magic tricks. These are professional, reputation-making card routines. Rest assured that audiences will be floored and amazed by each of the ten routines included here.

These card tricks are best for beginners in magic and also for professionals who find themselves short of impromptu card magic.

  • No Gimmick cards
  • Every card routine begins from a borrowed, shuffled deck
  • No sleight of hand required
  • No initial set up required
  • Direct card tricks, no long and complex process required
  • These original card magic acts not easily available on youtube
  • Video file is encrypted, so only genuine buyer can watch and will know the secret of these amazing card magic acts. This video cannot be copied and cannot be easily pirated.

Ten card tricks included are

  1. Doppelganger
  2. My Wish Your Command
  3. Powered Aces
  4. Measured Predictions
  5. Hunch
  6. Cryptic
  7. Safe Bet
  8. Sensations
  9. Triplet
  10. The A-Team

How to buy:

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  2. Send us payment acknowledgment to
  3. After we confirm the receipt of payment we will send you the downloadable links along with a unique serial number to your email.

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