12 Funny one liners for magicians

Following are collection of few humorous and witty one liners you can use to interact with the audience. Hope these one liners inspire to create your own one liners.

1) No response: Is this an audience shocked, or is this audience a jury?

2) This is a trick deck; all the cards are different on one side,
and all the same on the other

3) My first trick this evening is impossible, so now lets do the
second trick!

4) You will notice that this box is absolutely empty. In fact you
must know that it is empty, or I wouldn’t show it to you.

5) I used to cut my previous assistant in half. She now lives in
Boston and New York.

6) I dropped these cards because I need the exercise. It’s the
only exercise I get.

7) Being a magician has its advantages. What other profession
lets you cut up your wife into halves and get away with it?

8) Maybe that wasn’t so good… but at least it shows I’m friendly.

9) Jumbo cards: I did this trick years ago. Of course the cards
were much smaller then.

10) Magic is doing the impossible. Now if I were to borrow a
$100 note from someone here tonight… that would be magic.

11) If you drop something: It’s all part of the act folks. That’s the
part I didn’t practice.

12) I would like some gentleman to select a card. A gentleman who is
used to making decisions. Is there an unmarried man

– Amit Kalantri (Mentalist & Magician)

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