Do’s and Dont’s of a great mentalist

Mentalist and Mentalism Show are most sought after entertainment options in the modern world. But there are very few mentalists who do a show which looks and feels miles better than their contemporaries. A great mentalism show takes courage and conviction to execute direct mind reading acts. An average mentalist will look for simple automatic... Continue Reading →

Different types of mentalism performances

Most of the people who come across mentalism first time get totally impressed and influenced by this art. Their primary belief is that mentalism is just a mind reading performance. But mentalism consist of much more than just mind reading performances as listed below. Mind Reading Predictions (Precognition) Telepathy Telekinesis (Psychokinesis) Clairvoyance Hypnosis Divination Mediumship... Continue Reading →

Different names of “Close Up Mentalism Show”

In close up mentalism show or in close up magic show artist performs standing close to the spectator. In a stage show mentalist or magician performs standing away from the audience. Close up show is quite popular format in the business of mentalism and magic. Across the world close up show are known by different... Continue Reading →

12 Funny one liners for magicians

Following are collection of few humorous and witty one liners you can use to interact with the audience. Hope these one liners inspire to create your own one liners. 1) No response: Is this an audience shocked, or is this audience a jury? 2) This is a trick deck; all the cards are different on... Continue Reading →

What makes a good mentalism show?

As a beginner mentalist you get fascinated by viral mentalism acts like unlocking stranger's phone or figuring out the name of first love, first crush of a stranger. Well these are definitely great acts to be a part of mentalism show but these acts or similar acts do not make a good mentalism show. A... Continue Reading →

8 Myths and 8 Facts about learning mentalism

Mentalists are one of the most sought after entertainers in corporate industry. Many people are in love with the art of mentalism and they admire all the professional mentalists they get a chance to watch. But mentalism is one of that rare hobby where people not only just want to watch, but also want to... Continue Reading →

Benefits of learning mentalism

Mentalism is one of the unique, significant and impactful skill to pursue in today's time. Because mentalism is a mysterious art, its professional secrets are not easily available, so most of us think its difficult skill to master. Good news is, learning mentalism easy. It is easier than learning to play guitar. The best way... Continue Reading →

Applications of mentalism

The art of Mentalism mainly got popularity through mentalism shows that are performed with the objective of entertaining the audience. It takes considerable time and practice to be a professional mentalist. If you don't wish to be a performing mentalist, but just wish to use mentalism in your life in some way, consider following applications... Continue Reading →

Harsh truths every magician must accept

You can not master all the great magic tricks in one life time.You won't be able to catch all the magic tricks of other magicians, so enjoy their performance.There is no such thing as best magician in the world, so don't try to be one. Just try to be best at what you perform. Perform... Continue Reading →

15 questions magicians get asked in interviews.

What inspired you to be a magician?What was the first magic trick you learned?When did you perform your first magic show?How long you have been performing magic?What is your favorite magic act and why?What is magic, is it science, art, trick, or reality?Have you ever broken unsaid magician's rules?Do you create your own new magic... Continue Reading →

Difference between NLP and Mentalism

NLP (Neuro LinguisticProgramming)MentalismNLP is a pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.Mentalism is a performing art mostly used for entertaining the audience. Practitioner of NLP is called as NLP MasterPractitioner of mentalism is known as mentalist.To do NLP techniques accurately may take years of learning and practice.To do limited acts of mentalism accurately don't... Continue Reading →

29 alternative names for the mentalist

Following is the list of some fancy names for the profession of mentalism. You can identify yourself with one of these names or you can use these names to add extra flavor to your pitch or profile description. Psychological EntertainerDeceptionistMind MagicianPsychological IllusionistPerceptionistMind ReaderPsychic EntertainerIntuitionistThought LifterClairvoyantThought ReaderPeople readerBrain HackerCognitive IllusionistMind MeddlerObservationistPsychonautMind DetectivePsychomancerThought SculptorMind ManipulatorReality TwisterBraintertainerBrain BurglarMemory... Continue Reading →

Essential Card Moves You Must Know

If you have been wanting to learn and perform magic, card magic is the first and easy step towards your wish. There are so many mind blowing card tricks which are easy to perform. With some basic sleights you can perform jaw dropping card tricks for people. within a matter of few days. It don't... Continue Reading →

Be a process oriented magician not goal oriented magician

We have been taught and trained to set a goal for ourselves in order to be a successful in any profession. I won't comment about other areas, but being a professional magician I can responsibly say that a magician should be process oriented and not goal oriented. Imagine at the current state of your preparedness... Continue Reading →

Why you should hire a mentalist for a corporate event?

With entertainment, mentalism show also creates an amazement and sense of wonder among the audience. Your guests won’t remember the skill of a singer, musician, dancers. They won’t remember the jokes of stand up comedian or catching skills of a juggler for a long time. But a mentalism show, they will remember it forever and... Continue Reading →

6 sure-shot ways for magicians to be more entertaining

A performing magician must understand that he is performing for general people and not for the group of magicians. The general audience is going to judge you from the total entertainment you offer and not only from your clever sleight of hand. Two magicians can make silk disappear, one uses TT prop other uses the... Continue Reading →

7 challenges professional magician encounter

1) Getting the right price The entertainment industry is swarming with all kinds of average artists at a cheap price. Though average in their performance these artists still serve the purpose of entertaining the audience. Your clients don't know much about the difference between an average magician and an exceptional magician initially, so obviously, they go for... Continue Reading →

Why “sleight of hand” is the most important skill in magic?

These days many magicians keep looking for easy to perform self-working magic props. They keep on buying most of the automatic magic props which hit the market. It is possible to be a good magician using only props along with good storytelling and showmanship skills. But it is not possible to be a great magician... Continue Reading →

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