Do’s and Dont’s of a great mentalist

Mentalist and Mentalism Show are most sought after entertainment options in the modern world. But there are very few mentalists who do a show which looks and feels miles better than their contemporaries. A great mentalism show takes courage and conviction to execute direct mind reading acts. An average mentalist will look for simple automatic methods to do a mentalism show. Average mentalists perform more mental magic and call it mentalism. Following is the list of do’s and don’t of a great mentalist.

  1. They use minimum props and accessories
  2. They don’t take an assistant to the show who will help them secretly
  3. They don’t use much electronics item or phone apps in their show.
  4. They use bold psychological tricks and techniques and not a sleight of hand
  5. They don’t use stooges or paid volunteers during the show
  6. They don’t edit their performance videos before putting it on social media platforms
  7. They perform more and talk less while presenting the act
  8. They don’t claim to have super natural powers to read minds

– Amit Kalantri (Mentalist & Magician)

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