Applications of mentalism

The art of Mentalism mainly got popularity through mentalism shows that are performed with the objective of entertaining the audience. It takes considerable time and practice to be a professional mentalist. If you don’t wish to be a performing mentalist, but just wish to use mentalism in your life in some way, consider following applications of mentalism. Mentalism can be used in following ways with just a little effort and time

  1. In the speeches of motivational speakers to inspire the audience
  2. In the networking events to connect and influence other parties
  3. As a icebreaker in corporate townhall meetings, corporate training sessions
  4. To launch a new product in creative way
  5. To use mentalism acts in the training sessions of NLP practitioners
  6. Mentalism can be used in numerology and astrology
  7. As a engaging activity in business outings, family outings etc
  8. To improve the focus and interest students in academic subjects

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