Best Opener Magic Tricks

An opening magic tricks should be quick and eye catching. The purpose of opening trick is to hook the audience to the stage and set the expectations to high of whats coming next in the show. Following are some the popular openers, which does not involve the participation from the audience.

  1. Bowling Ball from Drawing Book
  2. Basketball from briefcase
  3. The ring, watch and wallet
  4. Splash bottle production
  5. Vanishing cane in newspaper
  6. Newspaper tear and restored
  7. Flash paper to cane
  8. Polka silk with vanishing and restoring dots
  9. Chinese sticks magic
  10. Pom pom pole magic
  11.  TT Silk Vanish
  12. Linking rings

-Amit Kalantri (Magician and Mentalist)

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