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Corporate Team Building Activity

Don’t you look for something new, something creative, something interactive to engage your employees through some kind of activity? If yes, Amit Kalantri’s corporate team building magic workshop or mentalism workshop would be the right choice for you.

Amit’s corporate workshop is fundamentally created to be fun, educational and full of participation, with everyone involving in unusual learning experience that will skill them to amaze and surprise people around them. Learning something unique together through a shared experience in this corporate workshop helps to create a strong bond in new work teams.

Why a Magic Workshop?

Honestly, a single workshop won’t make anyone expert in the art of magic. but it will be enriching and enlightening experience to learn misdirection, creativity, problems solving and few professional magic acts to amaze the people around you for your whole life.

Compared to other team building workshops where people play few games together, solve some puzzles, put some mocktail ingredients together, magic is different. Performing magic requires a process of creativity, problem-solving, and learning. Then practice, performance and feedback, followed by practice, performance and feedback. It becomes a concentric circle, where participants openly learn from any mistakes, and improve through an iterative feedback/review process.

It is an engaging process and a fabulous experience to learn to deliver magic well. And the participants will find post-workshop that they continue to develop/improve with every performance. This workshop gives you something permanent, the only efforts you have to take is to remember what you learned.

What happens in magic workshop?

Amit Kalantri teaches few professional yet easy to do magic tricks, mentalism tricks to the group. Groups can also be divided in small teams and Amit can teach different magic tricks to all groups. He explains all mechanism to deliver the magic act successfully. Then employees voluntarily come forward and perform one of the magic for all colleagues, during performance other colleagues also gives feedback and ultimately volunteer performs the act accurately and receives the applause from their colleagues. This gives a very strong sense of satisfaction that they could do something unbelievable. Making impossible, possible is magic !

To book the corporate magic workshop:

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