15 questions magicians get asked in interviews.

  1. What inspired you to be a magician?
  2. What was the first magic trick you learned?
  3. When did you perform your first magic show?
  4. How long you have been performing magic?
  5. What is your favorite magic act and why?
  6. What is magic, is it science, art, trick, or reality?
  7. Have you ever broken unsaid magician’s rules?
  8. Do you create your own new magic acts?
  9. Have you ever goofed up during the performance and what did you do?
  10. Why keeping a secret is paramount in the art of magic?
  11. Who is your favorite magician?
  12. What is your purpose in following and performing the art of magic?
  13. How challenging it is to make a career in magic?
  14. What is your advice to people who wish to be a magician?
  15. What are your future plans with the art of magic?

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