Mind Reading Classes

Before you read the details of the mind reading course please understand the difference between mentalism and mind reading.

Mind reading is actually a subset of mentalism. It means mentalism is study of several skills that includes mindreading, predictions, telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis and some more. In simple words, mentalism is a subject and mind reading is one of its most important chapter.

Some aspirants only wish to learn mindreading and not the other chapters in mentalism. So now we have designed a mindreading course that will empower you with the knowledge of mind reading. There are several professional mentalists who only performs mind reading to amaze the audience. If you have enough passion and wish to learn this art, we are available to provide professional mind reading coaching to you. If you want to learn full mentalism course including mind reading click here

Online Mind Reading Course: Presently we teach art of mindreading online over a live video call. No matter from which part of the world you belong, you are welcome to learn mind reading online from us. We assure you that it is absolutely possible to learn mind reading online with no challenges.

Classroom Mind Reading Course:  Classroom mind reading class will resume after lockdown gets over and when government allows to conduct classes.

Mind reading is very influential skill and we cannot share its details publicly on our website to maintain its secrecy. So to know more details of our mindreading course you will have to take some efforts to contact us, so we know that only right candidate with true intention of learning this art get the details.

Contact/Whatsapp: +91 9860952736 for more details.

Telegram: @amitkalantri for more details.

Don’t hesitate to call or text us, we assure you friendly and factual communication from our side to answer all your queries about our mindreading classes.

Watch Mentalist Amit Kalantri Mind Reading Performances. Click below links:

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Know about the experience of students who learned the art of mindreading from us in the following testimonial videos.

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