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When you watch a professional mentalist performing on YouTube, TV, Live Show reading people’s mind, hacking into their phone, figuring out PIN numbers, naming the first love/first crush of the people they never met, even you may have thought wish you could do it, isn’t it? Well, let us tell you that anyone can learn and perform mentalism. If they could do it, you too can absolutely do it.

Mentalism is 21st century’s most coolest, creative and reputation making art to pursue. If you are looking for professional mentalism courses, mentalism guidance, mentalism workshop and want to learn mentalism in a short time, read below details.

There are three ways to learn mentalism from us. 

1) Classroom Mentalism Classes: This is one-to-one classroom coaching by Amit Kalantri. It’s a two-day mentalism workshop that takes place in Pune (India). 

2) Online Mentalism Coaching: We also teach mentalism online over a live video call. No matter from which part of the world you belong, you are welcome to learn mentalism online from us. We guarantee you that it is one hundred percent possible to learn mentalism online with no difficulties.

3) Mentalism Video Lectures: If you are a self-learner type, if you want to learn the art of mentalism at your own convenience you can learn mentalism from our video lectures. We assure you that our mentalism video lectures are as good as personal coaching. All routines which are covered in-classroom mentalism coaching and online mentalism coaching are included in the video lectures.       

In all of our mentalism courses, you can learn professional and amazing mentalism acts like figuring out people’s mobile PIN, ATM PIN, how to figure out the name of their first love/first crush, how to read any word or person’s name they are thinking, how to make multiple people draw the same picture, how to bend a spoon, how to move things without touching it, how to do predictions, how to know stranger’s date of birth and many more mentalism tricks.   

Our mentalism course is a professional course, we don’t just teach basics but we also teach advance mentalism acts. This is a very rare mentalism class where you learn the actual secret techniques of mind reading and mentalism.

Mentalism is very influential skill and we cannot share its details publicly on our website to maintain its secrecy. So to know more details of our mentalism course you will have to take little efforts to contact us, so we know that only right candidate with true intention of learning this art get the details.

Contact/Whatsapp: +91 9860952736 for more details.

Telegram: @amitkalantri for more details.

Don’t hesitate to call or text us, we assure you friendly and factual communication from our side to answer all your queries about our mentalism classes.

We have customized mentalism sessions for psychologists, business executives, Life coaches, motivational speakers, numerologist, astrologers, tarot card readers.

Watch the experience of students in following videos who learned mentalism from us

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Mentalism Class Details

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  1. Before joining this class I was clueless about learning mentalism, I had doubt if I could even learn it. Thanks to Amit Sir who shared his wisdom on mentalism and made learning mentalism for me so easy. I am grateful that I found this class.

  2. I am so glad to have found this mentalism class, i was so confused before. But once I trained from Amit Sir all this mentalism stuff sounded easy and interesting. He taught me so many quality mentalism acts and now I amaze people with my mentalism and mind reading.

  3. I never believed I could learn mentalism, but amazing coaching of Amit Sir made it possible for me. Thanks for teaching me Sir

  4. Perfect coach to learn mentalism, covered all mentalism principles in detail. Happy to learn this art from Amit Kalantri

  5. Amit’s mentalism coaching is the best source I came across to learn mentalism. There was no definite or specific direction to learn mentalism when I was following mentalism until I joined Amit Kalantri’s mentalism classes. His coaching is in simple language and straight. He guided me well and I am able to perform mentalism within few weeks.

  6. Amit is very good teacher, he taught me mind blowing mentalism tricks which I always wanted to learn. His course content is very good and very professional. Thanks a ton !!!

  7. Best coaching on subject of mentalism by Amit. I am enjoying performing mentalism for other thanks for your guidance.

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