Inspiring quotes about card magic

"Palming separates the men from the boys." - Marlo "It is a presentation which lifts the card trick from the level of the commonplace puzzle to the status of an unforgettable and inexplicable mystery." - Jean Hugard "Cards are like living, breathing beings and should be treated as such." - Dai Vernon "Technique is only a telephone wire...what's... Continue Reading →

Top 10 magic quotes for magicians

1) “No matter how many times audience has already applauded, the sound of their applause will get louder with the better quality of your magic effect.” - Amit Kalantri 2)  “A bad magician never gets good props.” - Amit Kalantri 3) “A magician with decreasing practice will give defective performance.” - Amit Kalantri 4) “As... Continue Reading →

Top 10 magic quotes about philosophy of magic

1) “Magic is not just for the entertainment, but to inspire people to be creative enough with their lives.” - Amit Kalantri 2) “Magic is a very beautiful mystery. Even the ages old magic effects still surprises the most modern men.” - Amit Kalantri 3) “A great piece of music make people to close their... Continue Reading →

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