Best Opener Mentalism Tricks

The art of mentalism is not as popular as the art of magic. Your first trick in mentalism should do three things. It should introduce what is mentalism, it should involve someone from the audience and it should create amazement. Mentalism tricks tend to be little long because of its complex theory. Your first mentalism trick should be direct right to the mind straight to the heart.

  1. El Numero by Richard Osterlind
  2. Two digit mind reading (with NW)
  3. Bank Night
  4. Spike Routine
  5. Tossed out deck
  6. Invisible Deck
  7. Brainwave Deck
  8. The baby gag (celebrity picture)
  9. Locating hidden coin in the hands
  10. Multidimensional by Promystic
  11. Any mass mental force
  12. Any monte routine (with mentalism patter)
  13. Magic Medallion
  14. Pocket Writing

-Amit Kalantri (Magician and Mentalist)

Best Visual Mentalism Tricks

In general mentalism show tend to be theoretical with limited visual appeal. If your patter and presentation is not engaging your show may lose entertainment value. Following is the list of few eye catching visual mentalism effects that can add different flavour to your show. You should use at least one visual mentalism effect in your show.

  1. Metal Bending (Spoon bending, Fork bending, Steel Rod bending)
  2. Glass Breaking (Bulb breaking, Jar breaking, Coke bottle breaking)
  3. Drawing Duplication
  4. Spike Routine
  5. Color Matching
  6. Prediction on skin using ashes
  7. Seven Keys and Lock effect
  8. Photo Animation Effect

-Amit Kalantri (Magician and Mentalist)